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If you are interested in one of our programs, please fill out the right application. After sending the application to us, we advise you to contact our office in the next 7 days.

Our phone numbers:

Gliwice Office: (032) 331-44-24, 335-47-19

If You know Your Agent CODE – click here!

How it works? Please read before filling up!

  1. Choose the program that you are interested in.
  2. To fill up the application you should know the agent code. If you do not know the code please contact YEC or ICES Europe representative.
  3. Fill up the application using capital letters and using only English language / letters.
  4. You will get the activation email. That is to say, if you activate your account your status will become “Active”.
  5. After signing agreement, first payment and interview your status will be changed to “Reviewed”.
  6. When you upload necessary documents to on line application your status will turn to “On offer” which means that cooperating organizations and employers will see your application.
  7. Status will become “Hired” if you get placement / job offer from employer.
  8. “On site” means that you participate in exchange program but you still may enter your account. When you finish the program your application will be deleted.

Every applicant fill up the application above-mentioned way!!!!