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Legal and foreigners support

Legal and foreigners support:

Work and Residence permit:  A work permit allows you to work on the territory of Poland. For work permit you need to find the employer, once the employer will agree to employ you have to prepare necessary documentation and need t apply for work permit with duly filled application form.  Once you apply the residency you are not allowed to cross territory of Poland. After getting the card you can travel around the Schengen country.

Non EU citizens once in Poland can apply for a residence card.
This card allows you to travel around the Schengen countries without visa.
you can prolong the validity of the card , it can be prolonged if you’ll be working or having family in Poland. The prolongation must be done in due time. In case of not fulfilling this condition the applicant will have to leave the territory of Poland and return to his homeland to get a work-visa in the Polish embassy.
 The card is not allowing you to work in other Schengen country than Poland.
 To work in another country you need a work permit from this country.
More detailed information in the Information/Residence permit section.

Other services:

Our other service includes:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Insurance arrangement
  • Accommodation arrangement

EU citizens do not need a work permit to work in Poland.