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About YEC

YEC (Youth Exchange Center)

YEC LOGO FINALYEC is an international organization based in Poland, established on 2002. YEC is a globally recognized company that provides a lifetime of high quality of services in the field of education, cultural exchange, trainee, volunteer, work experiences, legal and incorporate services, travel tourism and expedition.  Our operation covers Europe, America, Asia and Africa by offering diverse educational and cultural programs.

Our programs are based on cultural exchange, Education, training, work experience, volunteerism and expedition. We make success our programs with the cooperation of our international partners, institutions, societies, cooperators, and affiliate individuals around the world.

Our aim is to provide unique support and help to students, young professional, volunteers, and international visitors to expend their horizon by cross culture understanding, international educational, work experience, and exploration.


Corporate and Legal services:

We provide services with the cooperation of major legal advisors and legal forms around the Poland. Most of our team members are long-standing legal practitioners in their respective fields.

We formed with the aim of provide quality services to the fields of immigration, economy, accountancy and taxes (including their cross-border aspects).

We stand for proper understanding of the goals of our clients, use appropriate legal instruments to achieve those goals, offer them comprehensive and effective solutions. Customer care, relation, dedication and proper communication are basic theories of our key to success.

Our Mission is to promote cultural understanding, Education, Expedition, experiences and volunteerism worldwide. We encourage people from different walk of lives to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits of international exchanges.