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Corporate & Legal Services

ParagraphYouth Exchange Center (YEC) has been engaging in corporate and legal services last 10 years with dedication of quality services to our valued clients. Our team is always active to preform top class of services, on the basis of past experience, knowledge and the skills of our affiliated lawyers and associates.

We provide services with the cooperation of major legal advisors and legal forms around the Poland. Most of our team members are long-standing legal practitioners in their respective fields.

We formed with the aim of provide quality services to the fields of immigration, economy, accountancy and taxes (including their cross-border aspects).

We stand for proper understanding of the goals of our clients, use appropriate legal instruments to achieve those goals, offer them comprehensive and effective solutions. Customer care, relation, dedication and proper communication are basic theories of our key to success.

We offer comprehensive legal assistance in the field of business, immigration and much more.

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