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FAQ for Volunteer Program

 Why Volunteer?

The overall motivation to volunteer stems from need to ignite a sense of social responsibility and activism, as well as from wanting to learn about a new country and culture. For some, International volunteering is also a way to gain a new perspective of the world and a renewed sense of the role they play in the World. Therefore, volunteer work abroad can be intense experience, with opportunities to focus on meaningful concerns that day-to-day life can’t accommodate.
The benefits of International volunteering vary:
Personal Growth

Having a Purpose

Gaining Independence and Confidence

Connecting with Others

Seeing a Country from the Inside-Out
Whatever your reason – be it to learn more about International relations, practice your language, move beyond a vacation and travel with a purpose, or challenge yourself through a new environment – International volunteering is sure to be rewarding to you and to the local people with whom you work.
Why do people volunteer?

It’s a personal choice. Some specifically want to help others and gain on-site work experience at the same time. Others emphasize learning how others live and view the world or improving their language skills.
What positions do you have available?

Positions vary and increase each year. An emphasis is placed on identifying assignments that utilize individual personal and professional goals. Please find details of the each program and choose which one is connivance for you.

Program Details 
Program cost?

YEC set a reasonable fee for its programs with the cooperation of international host organisation. Mainly the fee depends on terms of programs. We organized two types of programs for our volunteers. For more details regarding cost of program kindly communicate with our volunteer coordinator at manager@yec.pl 
What’s not covered in the service program fee?

Airfare origin to host country, visas, free-time expenses, alcoholic beverages and travel. Medical and trip cancellation, insurance also are not included in the program fee and are recommended.

How much I pay for Registration and processing fee?

The registration fee is required to run the organization with sound management. The volunteers who want to join International program organized through YEC they do not required taking membership, all participants are our members during our program implementation period.


What is orientation program?

YEC runs language and culture orientation class for volunteers. This program is very useful to know culture, people, geographic and custom of host country. As well as gives more details about the project and location where you are going to involve.


Where is the voluntary location?

YEC offers placement in collaboration with international organizations, college/universities, communities, and partners. Mainly the projects are located in countryside, small cities and rural communities.


How can I manage flight schedule, dates and arrival time?

In order to adjust the flight schedule of the volunteer and to make our schedule more flexible, We suggest volunteers kindly adjust their flight schedule according to language program schedules. It is very unlikely to make extra arrangements for missed classes. If you fail to grab the target date and flight schedule, please find sooner alternative date.
What About Visa?

Every applicant for international volunteer program needs to apply valid visa to the concerned embassy with visa supporting documents. We suggest our applicants to keep in touch with us for more information about visa regulation visit .
How can I familiarize myself with the country I will be traveling to?

Once you have registered for program, you will receive a volunteer booklet that includes a short-introduction to the country and region you will be traveling to. Other sources of information can be found at your local library, bookstore, or on-line. Please visit our links page for great websites that will help you to get ready for your volunteer experience.


Who Volunteers on International Volunteer Programs?

People of age over 21 and below 58 and from all walks of life can provided a valuable service. Volunteers typically share common characteristics such as flexibility, compassion, a sense of adventure and most important the desire to work with and learn from local people in the host community. Volunteers are drawn from all occupations and backgrounds and from throughout the world.
Each volunteer selects a service program that best employs their experience and interests and a program where the volunteer feels engaged in a community project of lasting benefit. Volunteers must be in good health and have the mental and physical capability to function as a team member. We encourage all interested individuals to apply for volunteer programs.

Is a Volunteer program right for me?

YEC provides service-learning opportunities for individuals of all cultures, skills and backgrounds. Prospective volunteers often ask if their working with and learning from local people, you can contribute to and benefit from a volunteer program. You may ask:
Am I willing to offer my skills and interests to a community requesting help?

Can I accept direction from local leaders?

Do I understand the need for and value of working as part of a team?

Do I have being a part of a long-term effort?

Do I enjoy learning about new cultures and unfamiliar lifestyles?


What’s included in a Volunteer program?

The volunteer program fee is used to support the local projects and the service program overall. This includes your costs for working on-site while serving as an extension to our program. Your fee includes:

Ground Transportation


Emergency contact

Team Leader

Project Materials

Administration and Communication
What are the Volunteer Program Transfer and Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel your place on the program at any time. However, we ask that you not apply unless you are confident in your choice of both site and dates. If you have any inconvenience situation, we request you to not fixed your program because we make arrangements for your service program as soon as you apply. If you cancel your service program for any reason you must notify YEC in writing at manager@yec.pl


If you have any question about Volunteer Program please submit your question below. We will answer it as soon as possible: