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FAQ Work and Travel

Information for full time University and College students about great possibility to work and travel in USA during their summer holidays.

1. Is it possible to extend my J1 visa once I am in the USA?

There is no need to extend your J1 visa after the date listed on your DS form unless it is less than 4 months. You are allowed to work in USA only until that date and it cannot be more than 4 months for Work & Travel USA program. You can stay in USA after this date for up to 30 days for travelling purposes and you are not allowed to work after the date listed on your DS form.

For how long can I work and live in the USA?

The Work and Travel Program allows you to work maximum for 4 months between May and October and after that there is 30 days grace period for travel. You need to leave the USA after 30 days your DS 2019 form expiration date.

What kind of documents should I have with me at the USA airport?

The Immigration Officer will request from you the following documents: – Valid passport with J-1 visa and the envelope with your DS-2019, – I-94 card, which you receive to fill out on the plain, – return ticket and money (about 500 USD) or credit card.

What should I do if I lose my documents?

First of all you should make a double copy of all your documents (passport, visa, driving license etc.) before you depart your country. After you arrive to the USA, you should also make a copy of your DS-2019, after the envelope was opened. It’s recommended to keep with you the copies and the original documents leave in the safe place. If you loose your passport or DS-2019, you should contact your program sponsor and the embassy of your country.

Do I have to pay taxes in the USA and can I claim my taxes and get a tax refund?

Yes. All the states of USA require paying taxes. You will be paying federal tax (about 15%), state tax (about 5%) and sometimes city tax – depends on which city you are working. When you come back home, at the beginning of next year you can claim your taxes and get your refund. Global Choices will assist you with the process.

Am I allowed to travel to Canada and Mexico with my J1 visa?

You don’t need a Mexican visa to travel to Mexico, but you must contact your program sponsor to stamp your DS-2019. If you want to travel to Canada you must apply for Canadian visa in your home country.

Can I travel outside of the U.S. during the 30-day travel period at the end of the program?

No! Once you leave the U.S. during the 30-day period, you will not be readmitted on your J-1 visa because it has expired.

Can I open a bank account in the USA?

Yes. To open a bank account you will need your Social Security Number, passport, visa and DS-2019

What kind of driving license should I have to drive a car in the USA?

There are different requirements in different states. Some of the states will accept your home country driving license and some of them only international driving license. We recommend having both documents.

Are there any requirements to be eligible to rent a car in the USA?

In most of cases you must be at least 25 years old, have a driving license and credit card to cover all the expenses. Sometimes the age limit is reduced to 21 but there might be an extra fee.

What is the Social Security Number?

Social Security Number is your identity number in the USA. You have the same number for all your life. The number is required in order to start legal job, open a bank account or buy a car insurance.

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