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Usually, internships are a part of the academic program internationals are enrolled in. Internationals need to obtain full time student status while doing their internship.

InternshipCompleting an internship is often an excellent way of gaining actual employment in the same occupational field, as many companies hire their interns as full time employees after the internship has been completed successfully. However, if you are an international student it is rather difficult to transition from an internship to a permanent employee position having said that, it becomes easier for internationals to secure a job in their home country upon their return.

Internships may present a potential for an offer of full time employment. International work experience is the most beneficial advantage that can be acquired by completing an internship. For students or fresh graduates, having this work experience on their resume can be the best way to get the foot in the door. This can result in more job offers as compared to individuals who lack such work experience. With globalization, more and more, employers are looking for individuals who have an international background, and that is where the advantage comes in.