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VolunteeringThe program denotes to continue the involvement of foreign volunteer in India, Nepal, Tanzania and Ghana to share their specialized skills and technologies that will assemble and enhance the capabilities of assisted communities for sovereign progress. Conversely, the Program enables the

Most importantly, volunteer are individuals who dedicate their productive professional life to humanitarian work without regard for monetary consideration. This commitment to serve in depressed communities spells out the difference between Youth Exchange (YEC) Volunteer and other personnel.

YEC has a very clear commitment to provide the international volunteering opportunity to young professionals, students and visitors to serve as volunteers in our designated  countries. volunteers are involved in the sectors of education, development, agriculture, appropriate technology, primary health care, income generation and small social infrastructure.

Importance of IVP
There is much to be gained in this program to assist, foster and promote volunteer sector to become stronger and more efficient in the years ahead.

  • Unique and Potential
  • Promotes volunteerism and intercultural exchange
  • Learning by Serving
  • Professionalism, education, experiences and friendship
  • Both sides advantage
  • Create responsibility
  • Learn about a new country
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Lend a helping hand


  • Purposeful travel
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Authentic cultural experiences
  • Promote intercultural exchange
  • Professionalism, education and friendship
  • Personal growth
  • Gaining independence and confidence
  • Lifetime experience
  • Enhance skills, knowledge and ability
  • Systematic and scientific training
  • Rewarding certificate by host organization



YEC welcomes all the individuals  to be involved with it to embed the feelings of volunteerism in each heart. Mutually we can contribute for the country so unite the hands with Youth Exchange Center and walk together to volunteer for HIV/AIDS Support, Rehabilitation, Youth Mobilization

Chilren’s Hospital, Gertric home, Orphnage:, Historical places maintainancesTeaching:


Environmental Conservation / Sanitation:

 Program Include

  • Language and cultural orientation
  • Street visit and Motivation
  • Tourism/ Eco-Tourism
  • Cultural Exchange/cross cultural
  • Skill development
  • Training and workshop
  • Historical and Geological visit
  • Project implementation