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Work Experience EU

Work in europe
Work experience is a great way to increase your career possibilities as well to broaden perspective and to gain valuable knowledge in your professional sector, not to mention personal and professional growth in international environment.

Once you’ve finished school or college, the world really is your oyster. And while we can’t give you the world on a plate, we can give you most parts of Europe…!

YEC arrange all types of work experience placements for graduates and school leavers who want to sample life abroad. You could be 18 or 65, it really doesn’t matter! As long as you’re not at school or college, we can probably arrange suitable placement around Europe.

Pretty much whatever you need! Our European partners have contacts in every type of industry – so whatever your chosen career, we aim to find you a suitable placement.

As YEC participants, you will receive language and training preparation, travel subsistence, accommodation, and spending money. As well as you will meet new people to share their experience with you, whilst simultaneously working on their confidence building and motivation.


Several advantages of using our services are as follows:Work in Europe

  • Guaranteed employment
  • Job match according to your CV and experiences
  • Selected accommodation
  • 24/7 assistance