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Caregiver/ Nanny/Aupair is a rewarding and gratifying job. As a caregiver you can make a difference in someone’s life. We are currently looking for caring, kind, dependable and personable individuals who desire to provide non-medical, in-home care to the child. Caregivers shop for healthful foods and plan and cook tasty, nutritious meals. Nannies see that the breakfasts and lunches they serve are not only well-balanced, but also appealing to the children. Many Nannies keep a file of recipes the children like. At mealtime, they teach table manners.

Nannies wash the children’s breakfast and lunch dishes, and clean up the kitchen or dining room. When caring for infants, Nannies prepare formula and sterilize bottles. As a rule, nannies do not cook for the family, but some do start dinner preparations. Nannies wash, iron, and mend the children’s clothing. They help older children learn to choose outfits right for the occasion. They teach the youngsters to keep closets and drawers neat. Nannies do not do family laundry. Supervising toddlers during bath time is another duty of Nannies. So is bathing babies and changing their diapers. Nannies help with hair combing, shoe-tying, and homework. They put Band-Aids on scrape knees and take care of sick children. They follow the physician’s instructions in giving medicine.